Overlooked Uni Must Haves

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Overlooked Uni Must Haves

There’s plenty of lists out there with your uni essentials, normally containing the usual recommendations of things like bedsheets, stationery, and maybe even fairy lights. But have you considered the air quality in your room? Or even the ventilation? It might seem like a silly suggestion, but halls aren’t usually known for their modern comforts. In this article we’ll look at some unusual appliances that can level up your dorm experience.

A fan or air circulator

Dorm rooms typically have safety features that mean you can’t properly open the windows. While this prevents dangers, it also prevents you from getting proper airflow in your room. A great way to encourage this airflow is by placing a fan in front of the window.

It will draw fresh air in from outside and circulate it around your room, reducing humidity, musty smells, stale air and more!

A fan is also an excellent companion during the hot summer months, as a small room can quickly become incredibly hot.

An air purifier

Musty air can lead to a range of health issues, from allergy flare ups to asthma. If your dorm is in an older building it may be dusty or even have issues with damp or mould. You can help to minimise these issues with an air purifier.

If you are experiencing issues with traffic pollution or unwanted smells (like being next to the bathroom or kitchen) make sure you get a model with an activated carbon filter as this will eliminate smells.

A humidifier

Freshers flu is caused by a range of factors, mainly the widespread mixing of an entirely new group of people. However, the weather starting to get dryer and colder can also contribute.

This is where a humidifier comes in.

Not only does a humidifier help to keep the air in your room healthier, it can also help to reduce your symptoms if you do become unwell. Many humidifiers can also be used with essential oils which can help to ease congestion, promote restfulness, or just cover up that dorm room smell.

A heater

You might need to check your halls’ rules when it comes to personal heaters, but if you’re struggling to keep your room warm then it’s worth investing in one. Not only will it help to keep your room cosy and relaxing, it can also help to prevent illness.