EcoAir DD1 Classic MK5 Desiccant Dehumidifier - ECODD122MK5

Quick Find Code: ECODD122MK5

2 Year Warranty
Free Delivery!*
  • Dessicant dehumidifier now with E7 Technology and 3-D Louvre.
  • Offers “Over Dry” protection.
  • Perfect for flats, small homes. boats and caravans

EcoAir DD1 Classic MK5 Desiccant Dehumidifier - ECODD122MK5

Quick Find Code: ECODD122MK5

2 Year Warranty
Free Delivery!*
  • Dessicant dehumidifier now with E7 Technology and 3-D Louvre.
  • Offers “Over Dry” protection.
  • Perfect for flats, small homes. boats and caravans

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Product Overview

Immensely popular, the DD1 Classic MK5 (formerly DD122 CLASSIC ) is an ideal solution for flats, small homes, boats and caravans. Boasting E7 Technology and 3D Louver, this unit pushes the boundaries when it comes to performance.

So what is E7 Technology? As an effective way of reducing energy consumption, it's second to none. Sensing both the temperature and humidity levels, it allows the unit to switch between full power, economy power and has been shown, when compared to dehumidifiers without the technology, to reduce electricity bills by as much as 40%.

The 3D Louver is a design function that targets airflow to where it is most needed, making for a far more efficient process, and ensuring the operation is concentrated on specific problem areas.

But that's not all the  DD1 Classic MK5 (formerly DD122 CLASSIC ) has to offer. If you are using the unit on its highest setting (or in laundry mode), it will automatically adjust the process to prevent the ambient air becoming too dry.

All of this adds up to a desiccant dehumidifier that 's capable of reducing humidity, damp and mould, resulting in an all round healthier home.

Key Facts:
Perfect for: Flats/Appartments,
caravans, garages and boats
Product Size: W290mm x D175mm x H475mm
Tank size: 2 Litres
Extraction rate: 7 Litres(24/h)
Humidistat: Yes
Noise: 34 dB(A)
Filter: Yes
Efficiency: 360-620W
Our technical editor says:
“An ever-popular model that combines economical performance with outstanding technologically advanced features, such as the 3D louvre. 
Two year guarantee is a bonus”


Continuous DrainageYes
Filter TypeSilver
Full Tank Auto Cut OffYes
Laundry ModeYes
Noise Level Maximum34 Db
Tank IncludedYes
Type Of DehumidifierDesiccant
Height47.5 CENTIM²
Weight6 KG
Width29 CENTIM²

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size dehumidifier do I need?

This will depend on the space, condition, and application. Smaller rooms require an 8 – 10L dehumidifier, whereas a whole house would require a 25-30L one. Specific damp problems or laundry drying may also increase the size of the dehumidifier. We go into more detail in the article What Size Dehumidifier do I Need.

What is a dehumidifier size?

When we talk about dehumidifier’s size, we mean the extraction rate. This is the amount of water in litres it can dehumidify within 24 hours. It’s important to note that we don’t mean the tank capacity. Dehumidifier tanks tend to be between 2-6L and would need emptying during the day. Most dehumidifiers can provide continuous drainage through a hose into a drain.

Can you use a dehumidifier as a clothes dryer?

Yes, many units have a laundry mode, which is specifically used for drying clothes. Using a dehumidifier to dry your laundry can save you a lot of money in the long run. Read our Dehumidifier vs Tumble Dryer article to see how getting a dehumidifier can save you up to £150 a year! Or shop all dehumidifiers with the laundry mode here.

Can a dehumidifier purify the air?

Yes, some dehumidifiers can be used as an air purifier. We have a range of dehumidifier with HEPA and dust filters. Always make sure to check the product description or user manual to see which modes your dehumidifier has.

What is relative humidity?

Relative humidity is a percentage of water vapor in the air compared to the maximum it can hold. So for example, if the relative humidity is 50%, that means currently the air contains half the amount of water vapor it can hold. The higher the humidity is, the warmer you’ll feel and your home will be more prone to mould. The lower the humidity is, the dryer the air will be.

What is the ideal humidity for my home?

For the UK, it is recommended to keep our home’s humidity between 50% - 30%. Any lower the air will be excessively dry causing dry skin, throat, and nose. Any higher, the air will be excessively moist which can cause damp and mould damage.

My dehumidifier unit is blowing out warm air, is this normal?

Yes, your dehumidifier can be blowing out warm air. This is due to the process of dehumidifying and is completely normal.

How much does a dehumidifier cost to run?

This is going to differ unit to unit. For example this Devola 12l compressor dehumidifier will cost you around 5p per hour, or this Meaco 25l dehumidifier around 7p per hour (these prices are based on the April 2024 price cap).

I’m still unsure on which dehumidifier to get, can you help me decide?

We have a lot of advice to help you choose the right dehumidifier. Start by reading over our Dehumidifiers Buying Guide or Top 10 Dehumidifiers. To view all our dehumidifier articles, click here.