Five Reasons to Buy a Fan

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Five Reasons to Buy a Fan

There are various ways to keep cool when the summer months arrive, but fans remain popular and there are plenty of reasons why. The variety of fans on the market means there will always be a model available that suit your needs. First, let’s look more closely at the most common types of fan on the market.

Fan Types to Choose From

There are a range of different fan models to choose from including:

  • Tower fans: popular because they incorporate a long, vertical housing unit and can be easily slotted into almost any space without becoming obtrusive.
  • Pedestal fans: incredibly powerful and have the appearance of a traditional fan perched upon a tall stand. They reach higher areas than a floor or table fan.
  • Desktop or Table fans: exactly what their name suggests they sit upon a tabletop and provide targeted cooling for small spaces. They are highly portable and provide convenient instant cooling.
  • Floor fans: traditional and industrial in design, floor fans are placed upon your floor and provide single direction, powerful air circulation. They are often found in commercial and industrial environments.

Top Five Reasons to Buy a Fan

Now you’ve got a better understanding of the different types of fan on the market, let’s look at the top five reasons to invest in one.

  1. Low Cost

In the UK, air conditioning systems are less common than other countries. Fans provide a cost-effective, efficient alternative to investing in an air conditioner, both in terms of the initial cost and running costs too. While fans cannot actually decrease room temperature, the cool air circulation helps the space feel cooler, allowing for more comfort.

  1. Improve Air Circulation

Fans help to circulate air around your home or business premises. If positioned near a window they can circulate cooler air from outdoors too. Some fans come complete with purification or filtration which ensures they can deliver cleaner air, free of hazardous particles and pollutants. It is always recommended to use and run fans in rooms you are occupying, but some people choose to situate their fans in a hallway or bottom of the stairs as this can aid circulation around the home.

  1. Cut Humidity

When air is not well circulated, especially in spaces with excess moisture, it can become stagnant and stuffy. A well-positioned fan can boost circulation significantly, helping to cut humidity in the space.

  1. Style and Character

The fan you choose can become an accessory which adds character and interest to your room. Some fans have a modern and contemporary design which makes them ideal for business environments and stylish homes. Others have a more industrial look which can look great an industrially inspired home or commercial or business space.

  1. Cool Down and Feel Comfortable

Above all else, you should buy a fan if you need to cool down and feel comfortable in your home. This is the number one reason for investing in a fan. Fans ensure you can get on with your day without overheating, feeling sweaty, or needing regular breaks and fresh air to get through the day.