How to Choose the Right Sized Fan

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How to Choose the Right Sized Fan

When you begin looking for a fan for your home, there are hundreds of options available to you. Choosing the right one can be tricky, and getting the size right can be important for ensuring you have a fan which suits your needs, without being too expensive or noisy.

Before you consider the different types of fan available, you first have to consider your circumstances. Ask yourself:

  1. Where is the fan going to be placed?

If you have a large room then a high-powered pedestal fan or floor fan might be a good option as they can cover a bigger area. Alternatively, you may opt for a number of smaller fans to provide direct spot cooling (For example, for people at their desks).

For smaller rooms a small desk fan or tower fan might be enough as there is only a small to medium space to chill.

  1. What level of air circulation are you looking for?

This is probably not a question which springs to mind, but it is important when choosing your fan. The air circulation, normally measured in m³/min, of your fan is the measurement of how long it takes the fan to circulate air through the space. The higher the airflow, the more the air will move.

  1. Do I plan to move the fan?

Some models of fan lend themselves well to being transported. They are designed to be portable and easy to move around the home or office.

Some fans do not require moving around as they offer horizontal and vertical oscillation and so can direct air all around the room.

Different Types of Fan and their Ideal Placement

Below we’re looking more closely at some of the most popular fan models and the types of space they are most suited to:

Tower Fans – for discreet, efficient cooling

Tower fans are the perfect choice for compact and small spaces, or areas where floor space is at a premium. They can fit discreetly into a corner and still provide a quality level of air circulation and cooling.

Desk and Table Fans – for portability and ease

Small desktop and table fans can move with ease around the home or workplace. They are perfect for popping on the kitchen counter to keep you cool as you cook and then taking them up to bed in the evening for a relaxing and chilled night’s sleep. Small and designed for personal cooling, these fans can be stationary or oscillating and are usually adjustable to allow for fully tailored cooling.

Pedestal Fans – for industrial and powerful-level cooling

Pedestal fans are usually much bigger in size than standard fans. This means they are much more powerful and provide a stronger gust of cooling air when in operation. They’re a popular choice for industrial and commercial environments, providing ample air circulation for busy workshop and garage businesses. However sleeker and more attractive styles are available which are perfect for the home.

Floor Fans – for straightforward air circulation

Floor fans have a traditional look and feel, positioned directly on the floor and providing a direct hit of cool air in whatever direction they’re facing. Their compact size doesn’t detract from their ability to provide quick cooling to large spaces. The bigger the head of the fan, the larger the space it can cool.

The right sized fan for your home or business will depend on the size of the space in question, as well as how it is used. You can always opt for a combination of fans to cool a busy room or choose a portable fan which can move with you round the home and ensure you’re never too hot.