How to Stay Cool in Summer

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How to Stay Cool in Summer

It can be tough to stay cool when the sun is beating down and temperatures are soaring. But don't throw in the (wet) towel just yet! There’s plenty of ways to help you stay cool during the summer months, without breaking a sweat. Read on for our top tips for keeping your cool when things get hot!

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Keep Your Windows and Blinds Closed
Here's a simple trick that works: keep your windows closed until the sun is at its highest. This will help block out the hot air and keep your space comfortable. And don't forget to close your blinds or curtains, too! They can make a big difference in keeping that heat out. Once it starts to cool down later in the day, feel free to open everything up and let in that refreshing breeze. Give it a try and stay cool.

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Open Your Windows at Night
On cooler nights, open your windows if it’s safe to do so to let a breeze flow through your home. If you want extra cooling power without compromising security, try installing window screens so you can leave them open without worrying about bugs coming inside.

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Home-made Cooling Solutions
Hang a wet sheet in front of an open window, (sounds strange, but honestly, it works!) This simple trick cools the warm air before it enters, giving you a refreshing breeze. But if you prefer using a fan, do not worry - we have tips for maximizing its efficiency while minimizing your electric bill. Place a deep dish of ice in front of the fan or a frozen bottle of water to whip up a cool mist. If that’s too messy or difficult to do, why not try an Air Cooler, which combines a fan with cool water. Just top up the internal tank and swich it on.

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Upgrade your Bedding
When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, the temperature of your bedding can make all the difference. If you find yourself tossing and turning due to overheated sheets, there are a few ways to cool things down. One option is to invest in bamboo bedding, which is known for its breathability and ability to wick away moisture. You can also try using a cooling mattress pad or pillow topper, or switch to lighter-weight blankets and sheets made from natural materials like cotton or linen.

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Limit your Oven Time
Instead of relying on your oven for all your cooking needs, why not try some alternatives that will not heat your home? An air fryer or multi-cooker could be just what you need to prepare your meals without adding to the heat. And if the weather's nice, why not take it outside and cook it on your grill while enjoying some fresh air? Give it a try and see how much cooler your home can be!

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Keep your Sofa Cool
Own a leather sofa and find yourself sticking to it in the heat? Chill out with a natural fibre throw or sheet. No need to break the bank on fancy furnishings - grab a trusty bed sheet and you're all set. Opt for breathable materials like cotton or linen for ultimate comfort on hot days. Pet cooling mats are not just for our furry friends, place one on a leather sofa to avoid that sticky feeling and feel instantly refreshed.

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Use Reflective Film
By applying this thin, transparent coating onto your windows, you can help reduce the amount of heat that enters your space. Just like a mirror, the film reflects the sun's rays outside, keeping the interior cooler and more comfortable.

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Invest in fans

Fans are an inexpensive way to feel cool, especially if the temperature is less than 25°C. Whether you opt for a floor fan or a smaller desktop fan, they’re great for circulating air and helping you stay comfortable throughout the day and night.

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Invest in air conditioning

This absolute lifesaver is a must-have for anyone serious about staying cool and comfortable in their own home. Yes, it may cost upfront, but trust us, it pays major dividends in the long run. Not only will your living space feel like a cool oasis during the hottest months, but your energy bills will also thank you. Plus, with options like portable air conditioning units and wall split units, there's a solution for every space and budget. So say goodbye to sweaty misery and hello to cool, refreshing bliss!

Air Conditioning Buying Guide

If you follow these simple steps, you’ll make staying cool this summer a breeze. Why not start preparing now so you don’t become disappointed in the peak season. Stock quickly reduces, and deliveries take longer due to the number of orders. A good portable air conditioner will last you for many years.

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