Oil Filled Radiator Buying Guide

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Oil Filled Radiator Buying Guide

If you’re looking to effectively heat a room or boost your central heating system, oil filled radiators are popular, sought-after heating solutions. These traditional radiators have been revamped with new, stylish designs to suit any home.

Why Choose an Oil Filled Radiator?

Oil filled radiators are a hassle-free solution to heating woes and are among the most widely purchased electric heaters thanks to their versatility and reliability. Unlike central heating systems, they require no maintenance or servicing – simply plug in and go.

They are cost effective and energy efficient as you can simply place them where the heat needs to be! No more waiting for the radiator on the other side of the room, or heating the whole house unnecessarily. Thanks to their oil they are excellent at retaining heat so less energy is needed. Even after they’ve stopped drawing power, they continue to gently radiate heat from within.

With handy additions like a 24 hour timer and daily schedule, you’re in complete control of when your heater turns on, saving you money against costly ‘on or off’ alternatives. You simply programme what heat you want your space to be and when – and the radiator handles the rest!

Oil filled radiators are also safer than their alternatives. Where classic, central heating radiators get hot enough to burn if touched, oil filled radiators won’t get that hot on the surface. If you have small children around the house, this will help to prevent burns as they run around and play.

How do Oil Filled Radiators work?

Diagram showing how convection and radiation heating works

As the name might suggest, oil filled radiators are filled with a special type of oil that works as a heat transfer fluid. There will be a heating element within this fluid that works similarly to how a kettle heats water. All of this is then held within the metal body, usually made from cast iron.             

Oil filled radiators have a distinctive design of curved columns, known as fins, that increase the surface area of your radiator. This allows more air to come into contact with the radiator for optimal heat transfer.

Oil filled radiators use both convection and radiation to heat your space and the people in it.

Convection heating works by heating the air directly in front of the heater. This hot air then rises, pushing cold air downwards to be heated by the heater.

Radiation heat works by directly heating the people and objects in a room, rather than the air. It is a much more efficient method of heating.

Pros and Cons of Oil Filled Radiators


  • Energy efficient
  • Great choice for small areas
  • Silent running
  • Portable
  • Heat without drying
  • Safer than other heaters as the surface doesn’t get hot enough to burn


  • Larger units can be bulky
  • Only suitable for spaces up to 25m2
  • Traditional models take a longer time to heat up (no longer a problem thanks to the turbo heating option on Devola Oil Filled Radiators!)

Features of Oil Filled Radiators

Wheels: You don’t need to decide a permanent place for your heater as these units are fitted with wheels.

Carrying handle: Easily manoeuvre your unit thanks to this convenient built in handle.

Tip Over Sensor: Should anything happen to cause your unit to tip over it will automatically shut off thanks to this safety feature.

Overheat Protection: Further to the tip over sensor, the overheat protection prevents any hazards by automatically switching the unit off if it senses it getting too hot.

24 hour timer: A daily schedule and 24 hour shutdown timer means you can personalise the heater setting to suit your needs.

Adjustable heating: Adjustable controls mean you can tailor your level of heat output.

Cable storage: The extra-long, 1.5m cable can be conveniently stored on the unit thanks to the built in cable storage and plug.

What size is right for my space?

2500W 9 Fin – 25m2

Large meeting room with a U shaped seating arrangement

The 2500W, 9 Fin radiator is the most powerful oil filled radiator available. It is perfect for large rooms like meeting rooms, event spaces, or studio apartments.

2000W 7 Fin – 20m2

Large, modern style open concept kitchen with a breakfast bar

The next size down is the 2000W, 7 Fin radiator. These slightly more compact units are a great choice for high airflow rooms like kitchens or living rooms.

1500W 5 Fin – 15m2

Medium size living room with simple, minimalistic decoration

Small but mighty, the 1500W, 5 Fin radiators are great for a larger room with limited floor space. Their compact design allows them to be used and stored easily without wasting too much space.

 1000W 11 Fin – 10m2

Large garden shed with French doors and a red bike inside

Working on a new project in your shed? Or potting plants ready for spring? Heat the space with a compact oil filled radiator thanks to the 1000W, 11 Fin radiator.

 800W 9 Fin – 8m2 

Classic uni style accomodation room with the desk next to the bed

If your student accommodation is leaving you with cold feet, an 800W, 9 Fin oil filled radiator is sure to leave you feeling warm inside.

600W 7 Fin – 6m2

Small box room with minimal space, bed is next to the wall with a small rug and bedside table.

If you’re looking to heat a small space with as little disruption as possible, the smallest oil filled radiator available is the 600W, 7 Fin model. This mighty mini won’t take up valuable room while providing its heat.