Quiet Mark Certification

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Quiet Mark Certification

Devola has created 6 products that have been awarded the Quiet Mark certification. But what is Quiet Mark? What does it mean?

What is Quiet Mark?

Quiet mark is an independent, global certification which uses scientific testing and assessment to identify the quietest products on the market. This spans many sectors, including home appliances, building sector materials, and commercial sector products.

Reducing noise helps to improve health and wellbeing, which is why Quiet Mark provide reliable consumer and trade information before purchase.

Noise and our health

Yes! It’s true. Excessive noise can have a damaging effect on health, productivity, and social cohesion. Research done by the World Health Organisation shows that environmental noise pollution is second only to air pollution as the world’s largest killer pollutant. Fast paced, modern lives can only be sustained in the long term if there is an opportunity to seek a calm, quiet alternative. Noise pollution prevents this. Noise annoyance has also been linked to anxiety, depression, hypertension, increased secretion of stress hormones, thickening of the blood, and cardiovascular disease.

The Quiet Mark certification helps consumers to refine their environment, avoiding loud, irritating sounds in favour of quieter options.

Pyramid showing the effects of noise on your health, from feelings of discomfort to mortaility.

How Quiet Mark certifies products

Quiet Mark determines what products are suitable for certification by assessing the declared technical data and conducting acoustic measurements in purpose-built laboratories with specialist lab partners.

This acoustic data is then compared like for like with products in each category and the quietest 10 – 20% are awarded Quiet Mark Certification.

Each product’s category is re-evaluated annually to ensure the data is up to date and incudes new products entering the market.

Example graph showing products eligible for Quiet Mark certification

Why Quiet Mark don’t use decibels

Sound measurement is complex. Sound levels are commonly measured in decibels, but this can be more difficult to interpret than you might think. Surely something that is 63dB is 3 ‘levels’ more noisy than something that is 60dB? Well, no. A 3 decibel increase actually means the sound intensity has doubled. So a 63dB appliance is twice as loud as a 60dB appliance.

Similarly, sound context needs to be taken into account. The same sound can be perceived differently in different places, at different times, and depending on how you feel about it. A sound doesn’t have to be loud to be annoying.

Devola Products with Quiet Mark Certification

Devola 12" DC Pedestal Air Circulator Fan - DV12PDQM

Lifestyle image of the Devola 12 inch fan next to a bed. There is a side table with an orchid.

Efficient, strong and near-silent, this 12 inch Devola Pedestal Fan is effective, cost saving and super quiet. The Quiet Mark certification ensures that the noise level is not only quiet, but the frequency doesn’t shift in ways that will irritate your eardrums.

Devola 20L Compressor Wi-Fi Dehumidifier with HEPA Filter – DV20QHWF

Lifestyle image of the Devola 20L compressor dehumidifier in a living room. It is a modern style living room with a wooden side table with lavendar in a round vase.

Introducing the newest Devola 20L compressor dehumidifier with a Hepa filter which will remove up to 99.5% of harmful particles from the air including mould spores, pollen, pet dander and bacteria.

Devola 9" DC Dome Pedestal Air Circulator Fan - DV9PDQM

Lifestyle image of the Devola 9 inch fan in a modern, stylish dining room. There is a grey wood cabinet with hanging plants and the dinging table has a grey linen tablecloth

Small, strong and near-silent, the 9” Devola pedestal fan has every base covered when it comes to all of your fan-related needs. The Quiet Mark certification ensures that the noise level is not only low, but also doesn’t fluctuate at frequencies grating to the ear.

Devola Air Purifier with HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter (with Feet) – DV150APQMFT

Lifestyle image showing the Devola air purifier with feet on a wooden sideboard in a bathroom. It is next to a white sink with a golden chrome tap.

Introducing the Devola Air Purifier brand new for 2022, which is certified Grade 13 HEPA meaning it removes 99.97 of harmful particles from the air including pet dander, dust, pollen, mould spores and bacteria! Paired with the Activated Carbon filter which also removes odours and gases from the air including smoke, cooking smells and harmful gas pollutants, this Air Purifier is a super beneficial addition to your living.

The same air purifier without feet has also achieved Quiet Mark certification.