Save On your Energy Bills With Our 6 Top Tips

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Save On your Energy Bills With Our 6 Top Tips

With the cost of everything increasing, many people are looking for ways to save money on their bills. With this in mind, our team have compiled some of the best ways to save money on your energy bills. To learn more, keep reading.

Switch Appliances Off At The Plug

Did you know that an appliance that is plugged in will be drawing energy, even if it isn’t in use? The time on your microwave, the amber light on your tv, these all draw power! So, when an appliance is not in use, turn it off at the plug. It might sound silly, but it can save you around £30 a year!

Fan Instead of Portable Air Conditioner

Every Brit will be familiar with the type of heat where nothing seems to help. Opening windows just lets the warm air blow in and your expertly constructed home is holding that heat perfectly.

While the quickest way to effectively cool your home is a portable air conditioner, it may not be the right solution if you’re trying to be more conscious of your energy use.

Even the most expensive fans will only cost around 2p an hour to run. Compare this to an average of 54p per hour on a portable air conditioner, and your choice is clear.

Turn Down Your Thermostat

Around half of the money you spend every month on your energy bills is absorbed by heating and hot water! But, by turning your heating down by just 1 degree, you could save up to £80 a year! So instead of turning it to the heat you always do, why not see what temperature you’re comfortable at?

And remember the age old adage, if you’re cold try a jumper!

Panel heater instead of central heating

Image of a Devola glass anel heater and iphone, demonstrating its wifi functionality

If you want to take the central heating savings a step further, why not stop using it all together? If you only use a few rooms in your home regularly, there’s no point in running your central heating in the whole house. With a 24kW combi boiler you can expect to pay a whopping £1.12 an hour to run it.

Comparatively, a 600W electric panel heater will cost just 12p per hour to run. This means if you primarily use 2 rooms in your home, it will only cost 24p per hour to heat them.

As well as this, electric panel heaters give you a higher level of control over what rooms are being heated and to what temperature, giving you more control over how much you’re spending.

Extractor fans instead of dehumidifiers

When dealing with a build up of humidity in your bathroom or kitchen, you may find yourself looking for the dehumidifier. However, if you’re looking to save energy, consider an extractor fan instead.

A dehumidifier that can extract 20 litres per day using 480W will cost just under 10p an hour. However, a 20W extractor fan will move 75m3 of air per hour and replace it with fresh air for less than a penny!

Solar panels

While it may seem like a drastic solution, the savings of solar panels have gotten significantly better in recent years.

Most importantly, they can save you money on your electricity bills. The Energy Savings Trust estimates that a typical household with a 4.2kW peak system can save up to £405 a year on their bills.

What’s more, the smart export guarantee scheme launched in January 2020 means you can be paid up to £110 a year for the energy you don’t use.

That’s £515 a year!