The Pros and Cons of Fans

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The Pros and Cons of Fans

When looking for an effective and affordable way to keep your home cool and comfortable, you have two main options: fans or air conditioning units. In the UK, it is much more common for people to choose fans. Here we’re looking more closely at the pros and cons of choosing fans to keep your home or business premises cool in the warmer months.

Pros and Cooling with Fans

There are many reasons you may choose to use fans to keep your home cool and the air well circulated. The top pros of fans include:

Cost Effective and Affordable

The initial cost of buying a fan is considerably less than an air conditioner, and even high-powered models can be reasonable in price. Fans are also more cost effective when it comes to long-term running costs. Most models have their energy consumption included in their product information, so you can check you’ve opted for an energy efficient and affordable model.

Fuss-Free Maintenance

Fans are fairly basic mechanisms so keeping them in good working order is simple. Customers very rarely need professional input or support.

Simple Installation and Operation

Most fans require no installation whatsoever. You simply plug the fan in and switch it on to enjoy instant cooling. Some fans feature a range of modes and speeds, but these are equally easy to operate.

Air Circulation

Fans are particularly effective for circulating air around your home or business, minimising the chance of a stagnant, muggy atmosphere. Running a fan in a stuffy corridor or hallway can help improve the air circulation around the home.

Cons of Cooling with Fans

There are some things that air conditioners just do better, so it important to consider the cons of cooling fans too. They include:


Fans can be noisy. Their decibel level can be distracting, and the most powerful fans can be a nuisance in a busy office where you need to answer calls and discuss work with your team. Of course, the technology is improving and there are fans on the market with Quiet Mark approval which ensures they run a lot more quietly than traditional models and more suitable for night-time or work environments. However, fans will typically still be quieter than an air conditioning unit.

Lower Effectiveness

A fan blows cool air into a room but it does not have the mechanism for actually cooling the air. No matter how powerful your fan is, it will never be able to cool the air directly and cannot be as effective as an air conditioning unit. Fans are also less effective in bright airy rooms which get a lot of sunlight, as they may simply circulate the warm air.  


Some models of fan have exposed blades, and these can pose a small safety hazard to curious children and pets. Similarly, if your fan is not regularly cleaned, then its blades spinning will blow dust, allergens and other particles back into your room.