Water Heaters Buying Guide

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Water Heaters Buying Guide

When looking at how to heat water for your domestic or commercial premises, there are a lot of options to consider. Do you need boiling water instantly? How many taps do you want to use? What model you should buy depends entirely on your requirements.

What size of Water Heater do I need?

When choosing which water heater you want, one of the things you should consider is the capacity. This means how many appliances and taps that would be able to use hot water at the same time.

If you’re looking to only provide hot water to 1 sink or outlet, then an over sink water heater is a great option. However, if you’re looking for something more discreet, a 5L under sink water heater will heat water for 1 sink.

If you’re looking for hot water to up to 4 outlets, then a 10 – 15L under sink water heater will fit your needs.  

Water boilers are typically plumbed in, meaning that they provide continuous boiling water for up to 206 cups an hour. Boiling water taps also provide continuous boiling water.

Water Boilers

If you’ve ever been inside an office building or canteen, there is a chance you have seen this type of water heater. They primarily sit on the counter top and provide boiling water for making drinks. Some units need to be manually filled with water (like a kettle) meaning they are portable and useful for events, whereas others need to be plumbed in.

On sink water boiler

Advantages of Water Boilers

  • Rapidly heat water and store it ready for use
  • Portable or plumbed in to suit your needs
  • 3L – 20L capacity
  • Up to 206 cups per hour

Disadvantages of Water Boilers

  • Separate unit can take up counter space
  • Can quickly build up large quantities of lime scale

Under Sink Water Heaters

Under sink water heaters are made to discreetly add hot water to your current outlets. They are plumbed in and have an adjustable thermostat to control how hot the water coming out of your taps is. They work in a similar way to a shower unit and are a great option for use in rooms that are too far away from the main water heater.

Undersink water boiler in a modern style bathroom

Advantages of an Under Sink Water Heater

  • No more waiting around for hot water out of your tap
  • 1 – 4 outlet capacity depending on the model
  • Adjustable thermostat to control the heat of the water
  • Compact, discreet design

Disadvantages of an Under Sink Water Heater

  • Only suitable for a small number of outlets
  • Need to be installed nearby to the outlet and a power source

Over Sink Water Heaters

Unlike under sink water heaters that can service up to 4 outlets, over sink water heaters typically only service one. Some models have a tap on the bottom that goes into the sink in place of your hot water tap, whereas others can be plumbed in to your existing outlet.

Oversink water heater with tap attachment.

Advantages of Over Sink Water Heaters

  • Budget option compared to under sink water heaters
  • 5 – 30L capacity
  • Thermostat to control the heat of the water
  • Bolt to the wall to save counter space

Disadvantages of Over Sink Water Heaters

  • Multiple units may be required for several outlets
  • Need to be professionally plumbed and wired in

Boiling Water Taps

Boiling Water Taps are the (relatively) new kids on the block when it comes to kitchen appliances. They do what they say on the tin – provide boiling water through a tap. There are several models offering different things, from multifunctional taps that can be made to provide boiling water to taps that only dispense boiling water. It depends on what will work best for you.

Copper boiling water tap in a kitchen with white metro tiling

Advantages of a Boiling Water Tap

  • Instant boiling water
  • Save counter space as you no longer need a kettle
  • Reduce water waste
  • Safety button to prevent water burns

Disadvantages of a Boiling Water Tap

  • Need to have space under your counter and nearby to a plug socket
  • Different models have specific water pressure requirements