Cost Saving Ways to Keep your Home Cool

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Cost Saving Ways to Keep your Home Cool

With the cost of living on the rise, you might be worrying about how you’ll keep your home cool this summer. Rather than boxing up your appliances for good, check out our 5 budget friendly tips to keep cool without breaking the bank.

1.    Use the timer

Did you know that you’ll feel the cold at a lower temperature if you come home to it rather than waiting for it? Using the timer or smart function on your air conditioner will mean that you can cut costs by making your room cooler than needed.

For example, if it’s 20°C outside, you’ll likely feel the benefit if you set your air conditioner to cool your room to 16°C 10 minutes before you get home. However, if you’re still hot at home, you may find yourself setting the air con lower to feel the effect, thus making it work harder.

The timer will also let you program your unit to turn off again when you go out, or go to sleep, meaning that you aren’t wasting energy cooling your room when you won’t notice.

2.    Try just one or two degrees hotter

Every degree closer to the actual temperature of your room that you can tolerate will save you money on your energy bills. There’s no need to make your air conditioner work hard getting your room to 15°C when you’re comfortable at 17°C, and those 2°C can make a big difference.

3.    Use the Eco setting

Many of the air conditioners, air coolers, and fans we stock on have Eco settings. This means the fan runs according to the ambient temperature in the room, turning off when it’s no longer needed. This saves energy and money, and our customers report that they don’t notice a difference compared to running their fan all the time.

4.    Consider a fan

Fans are considerably cheaper to run than air conditioners or air coolers, but still effective. While they don’t actually cool down the temperature of your room like an air con, the wind chill from a fan can make it feel 6-7°C cooler when you’re in their stream.

Because of the effects of this windchill, you could even combine this tip with the one above and raise your thermostat by 6-7°C!

5.    Maintain your air conditioner

Regular maintenance on your air conditioner will make sure it is as efficient as when you first bought it.

For our top tips on maintaining your air conditioner, check out our guide here.