Top 8 Panel Heaters

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Top 8 Panel Heaters

Top 8 Panel Heaters

With gas prices rapidly climbing, a panel heater can help you to save on your energy bills. It gives you complete control, meaning you can easily heat one or two rooms that you’re using rather than the whole house.

What’s more, many panel heaters have timers or smart abilities, giving you complete control of your heater and, therefore, your bills!

In this article we’ll simply look at our most popular panel heaters but, if you want more information, check out our Panel Heaters Buying Guide.

Image of a Devola Designer panel heater on a white background

1. Devola Designer Black 2kW DVPW2000B

The Devola 2kW Designer Electric Panel Heater is one of the most technologically advanced heaters on the market. This stylish heater comes with all the features of traditional panel heaters, along with Wi-Fi connectivity via the Tuya Alexa app.

The Tuya app allows you to have complete control over your panel heater no matter where you are, as well as set ‘rules’ to fully automate based on your preferences. For example, you can set it to turn on when your room drops below a certain temperature (as you would expect) but also when there is certain weather in your area, like rain! Similarly, the app can detect when your phone is away from your home and ensure that your heater is turned off.

If you have more than one panel heater, you can also set up different zones in your home and give them different rules.

Image of a Hyco Accona on a white background

2. Hyco Accona 500W AC500T

If the main feature that you’re looking for is affordability without compromising on efficiency, the Hyco Accona 500W is not to be sniffed at. Small but mighty, the Hyco Accona is perfect for smaller spaces (around 12m2).

Our favourite feature of the Accona is its open window detection. This means if the panel heater detects that there is a window or door open, it stops your energy (and money) from escaping by automatically pausing your heating schedule. Then, once the door or window is closed, it will automatically restart.

Image of a Dimplex EcoElectric on a white background

3. Dimplex EcoElectric 3000W PLXC300E

Have a large space that needs heating? Check out the Dimplex EcoElectric Panel Heater 3000W. This super powerful panel heater is one of the strongest available on the market. While the heater itself is relatively compact (measuring 430mm high and 860mm wide) it has a whopping 3kW heat output, making it perfect for domestic and commercial spaces up to 28m2.

What’s more, it comes with Adaptive Start technology. This works alongside the automatic timer function to ensure that you are getting the heat you want, when you want it. It measures the temperature of your room and turns your heater on so that it reaches your desired temperature by the time you’ve set. For example, if you have your timer set to 21°C at 7am, the heater will turn on at some time before 7am so that it reaches 21°C in time.

Image of a Hyco Ariano on a white background

4. Hyco Ariano 2kW AR2000T

Many people find that they simply don’t need an app on their phone to control their heaters, but still want a sleek, modern look to fit into their space seamlessly. The Hyco Ariano provides all the designer styling of the Devola Designer without the additional smart functionality.

Image of a Devola Deisgner White on a white background

5. Devola Designer White 1kW DVPW1000WH

While all Devola Panel Heaters are suitable for both floor standing and wall mounting, the compact 1kW model is more suited to a floor stand as it is nearly half the size and 2kg lighter than its 2kW counterpart. This makes it an ideal choice for heating where portability is an important factor – without compromising on style.

Image of a Dimplex Slimline on a white background

6. Dimplex Slimline 800W DXLWP800Tie7B

Striking the perfect balance between traditional style and glass, the Dimplex Slimline offers a different style of panel heater for your space. Its 800W heat output means that it is suitable for rooms up to 25m2.

It has an IP rating of 24, meaning that it can be used to heat bathrooms as it is protected from water spray from any direction. As well as this, it has an auto-defrost function. This means that if the temperature drops too low, the heater will automatically switch on to prevent damage.

Image of a Devola Eco on a white background

7. Devola Eco 1.5kW DVM15B

One of the most affordable panel heaters on this list, the Devola Eco 1.5kW doesn’t limit its abilities to fit the price point. Sleek, stylish, and finished in a matte black, this panel heater is a great choice for both domestic and commercial applications.

Image of a Dimplex Saletto on a white background

8. Dimplex Saletto 1.0kW LPP100E

Boasting a different look than most other panel heaters on the market, the low-profile Dimplex Saletto will fit snugly into smaller spaces like in conservatories and under windows. We love the detachable wall clips as they make for super easy cleaning. Simply unclip the heater to clean and decorate behind it with ease.